17 - 5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Ecommerce Store on WordPress

5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Ecommerce Store on WordPress

In a digital world we’re living in, innovation is key to any brand’s success. Businesses are building ecommerce websites to keep up but it’s only getting more competitive by the day. Having a website doesn’t only provide your customers with information about your business but it also serves as your online point of sale. And among all the platforms available today, ecommerce store on WordPress remains one of the top choices among entrepreneurs.

A study says that 35% of all the websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. It has grown from becoming a blogging platform to the fastest-growing content management system (CMS). Thus, it’s no wonder that some of the biggest brands use it for their own websites, and a lot of WordPress (WP) experts swear by their services.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use WordPress to build your ecommerce store:

1. It’s a Cost-Effective Platform

Building an ecommerce store won’t make you rich overnight—you’ll have to fork out some money first. If you’re still starting out, you might be working on a tight budget. Fortunately, WordPress is an affordable entry point in building your online store.

The software itself is free to download and use with no ongoing charges. To get your own domain name, you’ll have to spend around $10–12 every year. Additionally, you’ll need web hosting services to store all of your data and files. This will cost about $30 or more depending on the web hosting service you choose. If you’re not very techie and you need to hire a WordPress developer or a WordPress assistant, you can even hire one for as low as $295/ month.

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Those are just the minimum requirements to get your e-commerce store up and running. There are additional expenses too, such as getting a web developer, upgrading the plugins, and improving its security. But compared to other ecommerce platforms, using WordPress is cost-effective and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

2. It’s Fully Customizable with Plugins

Most business owners aren’t web developers or programmers, and have little to no experience in building websites. Fortunately, WordPress is fairly easy to use since it comes with thousands of free themes and plugins. There are even themes that are specifically designed for ecommerce websites which are usually fully customizable, responsive, and user-friendly.

Plugins also allow you to add more features to your website and expand its functionality. There are plugins for payment and shipping options, sales management, and customer information tracking. You’ll be needing several plugins to run an ecommerce store, and WordPress has an abundant amount of these.

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3. It Has Robust Security for Ecommerce Store

Owning an online marketplace means that you’ll be handling loads of financial information and other sensitive data. If you’re not careful, hackers can easily break in and cause significant damage to your business. Thus, you’ll need solid security measures to ensure that your customers’ information won’t be mishandled.

Rest assured that WordPress is a safe platform with strong security. Since it has been around for several years already, their development team has perfected the site’s core code. Furthermore, you have the option to enhance your ecommerce site’s security with your web host.

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4. WordPress is SEO-friendly

Website owners are all vying for the coveted first page in search engine results since users are more likely to click these. You’ll want to drive organic traffic to your ecommerce store and generate more sales. This is done through search engine optimization. 

Good thing WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform. It was written using high-quality codes and produces semantic markup, which improves its SEO ranking. Plus, it has SEO plugins that you can install. By employing the best practices in SEO, you’ll surely rake that top spot in Google.

5. It’s Highly Scalable

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Scalability refers to the capacity of WordPress to handle your ecommerce store’s growth over time. Of course, you’ll want your business to expand, and that means expecting more incoming traffic. Therefore, you need a platform that can start small at the beginning and grow in the future.

WordPress is the perfect platform in terms of scalability. Since it’s a full CMS, you can use it for your ecommerce store whatever it’s size is. Make sure to get a web host that is flexible and scalable as well.


Upgrading your business’s online presence can be done by building an ecommerce store. While there are several ecommerce platforms that you can choose from, WordPress proves to be the best choice for this. 

Aside from being a free software with low-cost expenses, it is fully customizable with themes and plugins. You can improve your search engine ranking since it is an SEO-friendly platform. Once you have established your brand, it can handle your business’s expansion and growing traffic. Not only that– it’s highly secure, and ensures that all of your data is safely stored and handled. Lastly, you fully own a WordPress site. Unlike Amazon or Shopify, where you are merely “renting” space in someone else’s platform. If you know any e-commerce friends who will disagree with that, they’re probably not your friends. 😉 

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