16 - ADA Compliance for Small Business Tax Credit Program

ADA Compliance for Small Business Tax Credit Program

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) passed in 1990 with the aim of making businesses more accessible to the nation’s sizable number of differently-abled people. It has since gone through several amendments that guarantee things like equal opportunity employment, and freedom from workplace discrimination among many others. Learn about ADA compliance requirements for small businesses in this article.

While the act is a considerable commitment to inclusivity in its own right, the United States government continues to push for higher rates of ADA compliance among small and medium businesses with considerable federal tax incentives. All businesses could avail of Architectural or Transportation Tax Deduction of up to $15,000 for major building or vehicular modifications.

Small businesses however, may want to take note of the Small Business Tax Credit program. Provisions outlined in Section 44 of the IRS code give SMEs up to $5,000 for providing auxiliary aid and services towards employee accessibility. Now, that’s around 50% of the amount you spend on accessibility, not exceeding $10,250 in total expenditure.

How do we qualify?

You’re eligible for Small Business Tax Credit status if your gross receipts for the previous year don’t exceed $1 million. You also qualify if you’ve had no more than 30 full-time employees in the past year. Either one of those conditions should be good. Don’t forget to check with your legal team, just to be sure!

Once you get the bigger stuff out the way, you’ll want to pay attention to a couple more things. If your credit, for example, exceeds the amount of taxes you owe, you can also choose to carry the difference over to the next year. Oh, and before you hand your tax credit form in, try checking to see if your alterations meet the ADA’s standards for accessible design.

How WP Expert can help you

One of our bestseller services for WordPress fixes is the website ADA compliance. Depending on how many pages your website has, the adjustments range from making your contact forms intuitive, to flow evaluations, to making sure that your website is built for assistive computer devices, can all be done in less than a week.

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In terms of cost, we have adjusted WordPress sites for ADA compliance between $295 to $895. Remember, this is a one-time fix for accessibility, usually done in less than a week, but the benefits are long lasting. It doesn’t only broaden your market towards the differently abled, it also helps you, as the business owner, acquire eligibility for the tax credit.

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You’ll find some more helpful information on the ADA National Network site. Now that you’re ready, you can find the Disabled Access Credit form (also known as Form 8826) here.