1 - WP Expert’s Review on WooCommerce

WP Expert’s Review on WooCommerce: Why We Recommend this for WP-Powered E-commerce Sites

Your WordPress page is whatever you want it to be. If you’re looking for a great blogging platform, the stock experience should be more than enough for you. But if you’re building an e-commerce page from scratch, WordPress’ modular functionality is a godsend. You could easily transform your page into a bustling online business with the right mix of plugins, and a comprehensive suite like WooCommerce would get you most of the way there.

The WooCommerce plugin is a great starting point for most online storefronts. From flexible pricing to a great feature set, you’ll have everything you need to get business done without a hitch. With over 3.9 million users worldwide, you’re treated to great customer support and a wealth of resources that walk you through the platform’s ins and outs.

A tool is only as good as its uses though, and we’re sure you’re dying to hear more about how the plugin works in real-life applications. 29.1% of the entire e-commerce market can’t be wrong, with users using the platform for sales, online payment, inventory management, and real-time analytics among others.

Let’s get into what we specifically love about WooCommerce!

Flexible Pricing

Unlike most platforms, WooCommerce is free to use! Some features like SSL certification, and WordPress hosting may incur additional costs, though. You could wind up with a pretty sweet deal on all of these if you’re lucky. WooCommerce-specific hosting has also become increasingly popular, and often costs less– keep an eye out for ‘em!

Modular Features

The WooCommerce platform is robust enough on its own, but becomes a powerhouse of functionality when you take its open-source nature and large body of plugins into account. From sales to payment, and inventory management, you’ve got your basics down– with room for so much more if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to code.

Incredible control

Comprehensive analytics allow you to make better decisions that are grounded in your site’s own data. The integrated analytics solution is great on its own, but the ability to stack analytic tools on top of each other like say, a Google Analytics option, affords you so much added flexibility.

A huge community

You could expect a huge user community when your install base is in the literal millions. This doesn’t just mean a higher likelihood of others having run into the same issues you have, though. There is a large number of dedicated WooCommerce specialists who are willing to help you with your various development needs. 

Easy scaling

From small, one-person projects to entire enterprise-level operations, WooCommerce scales to any workflow– from select finds to a plethora of product choices. You get the benefit of a tool that doesn’t get in the way of work, no matter how much work is on the table.