11 - 5 Social Media Campaigns that Drive Traffic to Your WordPress Site

5 Social Media Campaigns that Drive Traffic to Your WordPress Site

The internet has proven to be an incredibly powerful tool for brands, providing startups with a wide range of tools and strategies for growth. This all sounds great on paper, but in practice is particularly challenging since you have to keep tabs on several platforms at once. While it may get overwhelming at first, there is a method to this digital madness. 

Common practice here is to funnel traffic to your WordPress site from other platforms. Your site will likely need some help on the SEO side of things, but social media is a great way to increase traffic to your page– especially since your audience is either interested in or positively predisposed to your online presence.

Either approach has its advantages, but since SEO is its own special rabbit hole, let’s focus on some of the things you could do to bring traffic in from your social media accounts. While SEO tends to be a competition over a pool of customers ready to spend, social media traffic tends to build more grounded relationships with a brand.

Sure, it’s easy enough to happen upon your site in a search, but there’s magic in being able to foster a strong parasocial investment in your brand. This in turn leads to a loyal, engaged fanbase that’s more than likely to convert sooner or later. Here are five ways you could drive traffic to your WordPress site from social media.

Interactive spots

Algorithms LOVE engagement! People aren’t exactly shy about making their thoughts known, so try using that to your advantage. Make people pick between two popular things, or better yet, try and talk about a light-hearted (but nonetheless contentious) topic. What’s your favorite local fast food chain? Do pineapples belong on pizza? That kind of stuff! If it’s within your brand’s own industry, you could funnel them back to your site by paying the discourse off with something on your site.

Exclusive content

You know what else people love? A good deal. In lieu of that, people go nuts over getting free stuff. If you’ve already established a bit of a steady base for your brand, it might be nice to reward people for their attention with exclusive deals or freebies on your socials. Funnel them to your site with the promise of free marketing insights, or product samples of good software you have on offer. A limited, Facebook or Instagram-only link to a nice, premium offer is a great carrot for your proverbial stick. If the freebie is good, and especially if it’s useful, you could expect positive perception and future conversions to follow.

Simply viral

Okay, so this is the digital marketing equivalent of just being yourself. Everyone loves the class clown. Well, maybe love’s a strong word– but they DID make you laugh once, and that was cool, right? Tapping into visceral experiences like the joy of seeing a cute thing, or the snappy satisfaction of a good viral GIF, is something that takes a bit of practice, but could prove to be incredibly rewarding. Viral campaigns from the likes of Old Spice or hell, even the post-millennial angst of Twitter Wendy’s can position you as a credible curator of cool things, or better yet, a fun and relatable brand that people could learn to love and trust. Building momentum off a viral campaign takes some dumb luck, and great reaction time following a runaway hit, buit it’s a great way to incentivize site visits while the vibes are hot.


People trust in what their friends have to say, and if your brand is endorsed or promoted by another brand people already like, that’s a pretty considerable foot in the door. When you collaborate with another page, you’re introduced to a new audience, and since you have a bit of good will by proxy, people will likely be more receptive to calls to action for site visits. Since brands are an abstract thing, your campaign could draw on a whole host of either shared or contrasting values between you and your collaborator. Playing on those similarities and differences could make for an interesting campaign if both brands are clear with what they have on offer.

Influencer marketing

Similar to the whole deal with collaboration, this strategy has you coasting on the good will held by individual celebrities. Their personalities will be front and center here, and it might be worth playing on those sensibilities if you’re going to build a supporting campaign with their help. You can’t always pick who gets to be famous, but you can probably select for celebrities who are a close fit for your overall vibe, and the industry you’re in.