Hi guys,

I have a problem in regards to retrieving picklist text values from a fetch
xml statement.

Previously I was able to do this easily beacause when I retrieved xml from
an object which contains a picklist, the picklist contained an additional
attribute which had the name of the picklist field appended (with name or
code name) with the text value of the selected picklist.

if I had a picklist called CFPCarType and has id of 1 and a text value of
Ford and I select this picklist value on the record and save it, when I
retrieve the object which has this picklist field on it I get back the value
of 1.

What I used to be able to do on a previous Microsoft CRM system was to fetch
the xml and an attribute (called CFPCarTypeName or CFPCarTypeCodeName
existed with the text value of Ford populated, which made retrieving the
text value easy.

in fact any picklist I created had an additional attribute called picklist
name + codename which I could retrive when I used fetch xml which gave me
the selected text value of the picklist.




For some reason I don't get back the picklist code name, which has the text

For some reason I am unable to do this anymore on a new system I have setup.
This behavour is very strange, it seems as if I have dreamt this
functionality up!

Do you have any clues guys?

Thanks for your help